How to become a member

Membership in the Association of Composers of Macedonia - SOKOM established by the Statute of SOKOM. In addition there are excerpts from the statute that established the criteria for membership SOKOM:

Article 9

Member of SOKOM can be any composer and music writer, who is a Macedonian citizen and who voluntarily enter into SOKOM in the manner and according by the criteria established by this statute.

Membership in SOKOM is done by signing an application form, which must be returned should the membership be terminated.

Member of SOKOM may be a foreign citizen.

SOKOM keep a register of its members, which is updated annually.

Any member may voluntarily withdraw from SOKOM.

Article 10
SOKOM has regular, associate and honorary members.

Regular member can become a composer or music writer, citizen of the Republic of Macedonia whose creative work is being performed or published, and which shows creative and professional value. 

Associate member may become a composer and music writer, citizen of the Republic of Macedonia, which does not meet fully the requirements for a regular member.

Honorary member can become anyone who contributes to the achievement of the objectives and tasks of SOKOM, or participate in its affirmation in any other way.

Article 11

The determination of meeting the criteria for admission of the candidates is done by the Presidency and the Board of SOCOM.

Candidates applying for associate and regular members to SOKOM should submit a CV and list of their works.

The candidate should submit:

In the field of classical music:
- Instrumental musical work, cycle form;
- Vocal music work (for choir, solo song or instrumental composition);
- A musical work, a matter of choice.

In the field of popular music:
- Vocal composition with piano accompaniment;
- Vocal composition accompanied by an orchestra;
- Instrumental song form.

The composition should have its own arrangement.
In the field of musicology:
- Ethnomusicology paper or music essays, reviews and articles.

Article 12
Associate member may acquire status of a regular member should the conditions provided for admission be fulfilled.
The decision on this matter will be made by the Presidency and Board of SOCOM.
The associate member, who within three years from the date of their membership does not qualify as a regular member cease to be a member of SOCOM.

Presidents of Composers's Association of Macedonia


1947 - Petre Bogdanov Kochko

1950 - Todor Skalovski

1951 - Trajko Prokopiev

1952 - Todor Skalovski

1953 - Trajko Prokopiev

1955 - Todor Skalovski

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Socom's Awards

Traditionally, SOCOM each year presents musicians with three awards: Life achievement award, award for best premiere performance of a work by a Macedonian composer and award for best performance of a work by a Macedonian composer.


How to become a member

Membership in the Composers' Association of Macedonia is determinted with the Statute of SOCOM. The following link presents some of the criteria for gaining membership..

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SOCOM's Bodies

Members of the Board:

1. Marko Kolovski

2. Jana Andreevska

3. Branka Kostic Markovic

4. Robert Sazdov

5. Valentina Velkovska-Trajanovska

6. Kokan Dimushevski

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