Thomas Jakob Diekhaus, Germany

Thomas Jakob Diekhaus

Born 1955 Sep. 25th in Cloppenburg / North-West-Germany 

Matura 1974


Education, Studies and First Working Experiences:

1974-1980 History, Germanism and Journalism at Westfälische Wilhelms Universität Münster 

1980 “1. Staatsexamen” (comparable to MA)

Thesis: The First Years of the Republic of Weimar and the Reichswehr (1918-1920) 

1983-1985 “Referendariat” and “2. Staatsexamen” (Teacher’s exam for secondary schools)

Thesis: Movies in history lessons - using the example of a propaganda movie made for Hitler´s 50 th anniversary 1939 

1985 – 1988 Teaching jobs at different schools and for different subjects and target groups: German language, literature, history, mathematics, music; target groups from socially handicapped children, immigrants from East Europe, students of secondary schools and others, mainly in Münster

1989 Advanced training: Teacher for German as foreign language, SIT Tübingen 

1989 – 1990 Author for Auer Publishing House, writing and publishing books and teaching materials for German as foreign language, Donauwörth



Since 1990 full time employed at Goethe-Institute in different positions.

1990 – 1997 Teacher for German as a foreign language, working in Boppard, Mannheim and Bremen. 

1992-93 Lecturer in methodics at University Bremen.

1997-1998 Advanced training at Goethe-Institute Head Office in Munich for foreign assignment 

1998, First assignment abroad at GI Moskau, instructor in the language department

1998 – 2003 Head of language department Goethe-Institut Belgrade, deputy director 

2003-2004 Goethe-Institute Düsseldorf, teacher and project manager for SEE projects

2004 – 2007 Head of language department Goethe-Institut Riga, deputy director 

Since 2007 Founder of the new Liaison Office of Goethe-Institute in Skopje, director


Important Projects for German as a Foreign Language: 

“Multiplikatorenausbildung” Educational Program for Multipliers (Yugoslavia and Macedonia 1998 - 2001)

“Fernstudienprojekt” (YU + MK, 2001-2003); Initiator and manager of a teacher-training program for SEE 

“Mosaik” : Creator and Manager of a SEE- Network of German teachers based on websites, newsletters, periodical magazine, working groups and yearly international conferences in SEE, supported by Stability Pact for SEE, Belgrad 1999 (-2007)

“Multimedia-Führerschein” web-based training program for media competence of teachers; SEE network of multimedia tutors and trainers, Belgrad 2000 

“1. SEE Conference of language-teacher education”, Head of the Conference and editor of the conference transcript together with Savica Toma, Belgrade 2001

“Wanderwolf” web-based SEE school project with a wolf as travelling buddy, Belgrade 2002-2003

“Deutsch hat Zukunft” Creator and project manager of a campaign to support German language learning in the Baltics, Riga 2006-2007 

“Qualifizierungslehrgang für baltische Deutschlehrer” – Teacher training program for the Baltic States, Riga 2005-2007

“Meine Welt – unsere Sprachen” (My World – our languages) - Project with primary schools dedicated to multilingualism and multicultural awareness, Skopje 2007-2009 

“Alles Prima(r)” - International conference for early language learning and teaching, Ohrid 2010

“Deutsch ab Klasse 1” Early German learning at 12 Macedonian primary schools, MK 2007-2013 

“Lehrer erforschen Unterricht” Pilot project for teachers about action research, Skopje 2012


Important Projects, Cultural Programs

“Portrait Skopje” – Collaboration and exhibition of German and Macedonian photographers, Skopje 2009

“Still live Skopje” – dance project with professional and amateur dancers, Skopje 2009 

de:sonanz - Festival for electronic music and art, Skopje 2009 - 2013

A Balkan Tale – SEE regional exhibition with Macedonian contribution, Skopje 2012 

“Wagnis der Erinnerung” (daring to remember) – SEE regional literature and translation project with Macedonian contributions, Skopje 2011

“Days Of Silent Movies” – Festival dedicated to the European Audiovisual Heritage, among others the 1st performance of the restored “Metropolis” (2010) with live orchestra, Skopje 2011 

The Backyard Jazz Orchestra (Creative Realities) – Jazz-Project and Tournee dealing with European music identity and support for young talents from SEE, 2012

“BUFF - Bild- und Filmfestival für Kinder und Jugendliche“; Children film festival, MK 2012-2013 

Collaboration with SOKOM and DMM since 3/2008 – Best practice of intercultural exchange in the field of music, 2008-2013



Net-days Award (for Internet-project “Wanderwolf”) , Wolfsburg 2003

Honorable Member of Serbian German Teachers Association, Belgrade 2003 

Acknowledgments of the Ministery of Science and Education of the Republic of Latvia and the Commission of the European Language Lable in Latvia, (for “Qualifizierungslehrgang für Baltische Deutschlehrkräfte” and “Multimediaführerschein ”), Riga 2006

Honorable Member of Macedonian German Teachers Association, Skopje 2010


Private particulars: 

German base: Münster/Westfalen

2 daughters: Eva Carolin Diekhaus (1983, teacher in Köln) and Linda Christine Diekhaus (1987, Occupational Therapist in Münster)

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